In our approach to engine development, we are constantly pushing performance to the limits  of physics. High-tech engineering is the pre-condition for modern engines to  run more and more efficiently. When trial-and-error methods are no longer feasible – especially owing to costs, deadlines and safety – a holistic development methodology can be the only way forward. As a member of the AVL Group, the world’s largest privately owned developer of powertrains, we benefit from a global CAE network and contribute significantly to the further development of CAE methods, as well as the expansion of the CAE portfolio. Our special areas of expertise include:

  • Analysis & Simulation of hot parts: we evaluate and optimise manifolds, EGR coolers, turbochargers and cylinder heads, accounting for viscoplastic material properties and using a range of methods, from 1D gas exchange analyses and 3D aerodynamic optimisation to fatigue testing.
  • Vehicle aerodynamics: we conduct virtual wind-tunnel testing using CFD technology with particular focus on thermal management in the engine compartment and the thermal safety of components.

Cutting-edge CAE systems that have been specially adapted by our testing department guarantee prompt and reliable results using best-of-breed hardware and software resources with targeted proposals for design optimisation.

An overview of our services:

  • fluid-mechanical analysis
    • 1D oil and  water circulation 
    • 1D gas exchange
    • 3D CFD
  • structural-mechanical analysis
    • FEM
    • Fatigue testing
    • Topology/shape optimisation
  • Multi-body simulation
    • Crank mechanism
    • Timing drive

Direct contact

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