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AVL SCHRICK is  your single point of contact able to provide  reliable quality for all products. Our full-service portfolio for the design and manufacturing of your engine includes the thorough testing and optimisation of all powertrains and powertrain components in completely practical contexts. Our engineers are constantly working on the development of the fundamental properties of modern combustion engines, using state-of-the-art measuring systems in one of the most advanced testing facilities of its kind in Europe.

With a total of eleven test beds – including dynamometers and drag test rigs ranging from a few kW to 1,150 kW – AVL SCHRICK is one of the leading companies in the field of engine development in Germany.

Engine Test Beds

Fully automated test beds  working in 2 or 3 shifts operation and supported by DOE-based development methods (real-time controller), high-dynamic operation for the mapping of various driving cycles, thermal shock unit, passenger-car and commercial-vehicle applications, all types of fuels, including special fuels, quick-change pallet system

Turbocharger Test Rig

Automated measurement of turbine and compressor maps, efficiency lines up to a mass flow of 0.6 kg/s, gas temperatures up to 1,050 °C, advanced mapping (closed loop), thermal shock unit

Tilt Test Rigs

Dynamic and static high-performance test beds with 750 kW, 900 Nm, 8,500 rpm: slewing speed 180°/sec, slewing angle ± 70° for both axes (= 2.7g), fired and non-fired operation possible, online measurement of oil aeration

Friction Test Rig (boosted drag test rig)

High-precision measurement of friction maps in boosted operation conditions, , friction strip-down, oil-circulation and cooling-system testing, component measurement

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