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Petrol and diesel engines will remain the primary propulsion system for passenger cars and commercial vehicles for many years to come. The current legislation calling for massive reductions in CO2 emissions will require the electrification of future powertrains to a greater or lesser extent, depending on the market and segment. There is also a growing consumer demand for cars that have a reduced environmental impact or are even “environmentally friendly” – of course with no compromise in terms of driving fun, comfort, safety and cost.

The development of hybrid powertrains is considerably more complicated than that of conventional powertrains. The complex interactions between the single powertrain components and between the powertrain and other vehicle systems, as well as the increasing communication with other vehicles and the environment, require new development methods, tools and processes. In this area, our system developers draw from their decades of experience and are highly proficient in all of the latest technologies – from micro-hybrid to electric vehicles with range extender. Our customer portfolio  include not only automotive manufacturers but also leading component and system suppliers, e.g. battery manufacturers and electric-motor suppliers.

Our development services range from individual subtasks to full-service packages covering the complete development process, from initial concept through to series production.


An overview of our services:

  • Simulation and concept development
  • Benchmarking and competitor analysis
  • Powertrain layout and components specification
  • Function development operating strategies
  • High-voltage safety and functional safety in accordance with ISO 26262
  • Energy-storage systems development
  • Vehicle integration and testing
  • Calibration (fuel consumption and driveability)
  • Project planning and project management
  • Consulting, training

We have access to not only all necessary functions but also numerous testing facilities, both locally and within the AVL Group. In this respect, the global presence of the AVL Group is a key success factor when it comes to meeting customer needs on site and incorporating local resources.

We work with our customers to shape the future, meaning: the concepts we create today contribute to a better life tomorrow. We’d love to work with you in this area.

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