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The powertrains being used for today’s light-, medium- and heavy-duty commercial vehicles, as well as agricultural and construction machinery, require an increasing  degree of complexity  in the internal combustion engines, exhaust aftertreatment systems, transmissions, electric drives and the respective electronic control systems. An additional challenge that OEMs must face is the ever-increasing range of applications. The key to success is finding just the right balance between this complexity and the life-cycle costs of the vehicle or equipment. 

AVL SCHRICK is able to draw upon several decades of experience in the development of engines for on- and off-road vehicles and therefore has the expertise required for developing all types of components for modern engines – from the initial concept through to series production. In the manufacturing of successful products, a good understanding of the customer’s needs is of utmost importance. The experienced development teams at AVL SCHRICK guarantee high-quality results.

  • Low emissions coupled with low fuel consumption
  • Longer engine life time despite increasing complexity
  • Products for global markets with technologies specifically engineered to meet the requirements of the respective market and application
  • Cost efficiency in spite of the increasing number of applications
  • Reduction of systems costs achieved by taking account of the required technology and by sourcing components locally

These achievements are the result of not only modern design, development and testing methods, but also development processes through to series production  consolidated in the global AVL network. In all of our services, we stay focused on your specific requirements – for products that can be optimally integrated into your value chain.

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