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AVL SCHRICK has been providing comprehensive expertise in the design of combustion engines since 1969.

We offer a wide range of services for the design and manufacturing of engines and maintain a comprehensive overview of all design and production processes at all times. We provide competent and customized support every step of the way and can even assist you in the development of the initial concept and product design.

For all development projects, the AVL SCHRICK design department is responsible for the development of concepts, layouts and detailed designs for the entire system or individual components and assemblies. In this work, we focus mainly on vehicle powertrains, especially from combustion engines; however, we are also working increasingly with Combined Heat and Power (CHP) systems, as well as Waste Heat Recovery (WHR) systems.

The AVL SCHRICK design team is made up primarily of engineers, but also technicians and technical product designers. AVL SCHRICK’s design department is an integral part of the global AVL development network. It guarantees that product function, costs and quality are optimised throughout the entire development process by making use of simulation, mechanical development and supplier management at early stages of the project.


Our design services at a glance:

  • Concept development, system and component design
  • 3D design to OEM standards or AVL standards
  • 2D  design to OEM standards or AVL standards
  • Documentation of project and development quality to OEM standards or AVL standards
  • Component Engineering taking advantage of specifically trained  design engineers throughout the entire product-development process
  • Coordination of production, from prototyping to series production

Direct contact

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