The reduction of CO2 emissions of modern combustion engines continues to be an important aim for engine developers. Mechanical development focuses on not only the improvement of combustion processes but also progressive downsizing – connected with turbocharging and a significant reduction in mechanical friction throughout the entire powertrain. As a result, the modern combustion engine is a specifically highly stressed and, at the same time, highly efficient assembly that is able to withstand the increasingly severe package-boundary conditions.

In the context of mechanical development, we ensure both the mechanical function and the durability of your powertrains. In this process, we take into consideration your specific requirements profile and the associated parameters in the entire development process – from the idea through to completion. The activities involved in mechanical development cover the areas of validation, test-plan development, component testing, test-rig development and vehicle testing.

On the basis of our expert know-how and our testing procedures, we can either develop the mechanical function of your powertrain through to production maturity in an optimised development period or perform any required development task in one of our areas of expertise, depending on your needs. All steps of the development process in the context of mechanical development are carried out in close cooperation with the simulation department.


Services include the following:

  • Development of high performance engines
  • Friction optimisation using the strip-down method or the boosted friction test rig
  • Optimisation of oil circulation with a static and high-dynamic tilt rig
  • Crankcase ventilation development
  • Optimisation of thermal management, including the use of pyrometric measurement
  • Optimisation of valve-train dynamics, including the use of non-contact measurement, e.g. valve lift measurement during fired operation
  • Optimisation of the timing drive, including the use of telemetric measurement, e.g. telemetric measurement of chain hoist force
  • Troubleshooting in the entire powertrain
  • Optimisation of engine dynamics
  • Test- and validation-plan development
  • Complete validation of the engine, including thermoshock
  • Reliability development with the AVL Load Matrix®

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