Combustion engines are facing increasingly stringent requirements: with respect to both performance and the reduction of emissions and fuel consumption. We aim to develop the best and most  efficient engine for your product.


In the context of combustion-system development, we optimise all types of engines and combustion systems. In this work, we deal mainly with concepts for passenger cars and commercial vehicles, but also develop combustion systems for small  engines used in special applications, e.g. such as CHP systems.

We define the combustion-relevant components and consider the powertrain as a whole, including the exhaust-aftertreatment system and the interactions with hybrid components. In the concept phase, we use simulation programs that allow for the optimisation of the gas exchange.. The final phase of the development process and the calibration of the powertrain are carried out on one of our state-of-the-art engine test beds using the latest development methods, such as DOE. This is how we find the best solution for your powertrain.

AVL Schrick solutions:

  • Passenger cars: petrol and diesel
  • Commercial vehicles: on- and off--road
  • Exhaust aftertreatment
  • Hybrid/range extenders
  • Alternative fuels: CNG/LPG/E100

Direct contact

Mr Florian Mühler would be happy to answer any enquiries you may have,
 either by phone +49 2191 950-357 or by email