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Turbomachines are often used as the main components in various open and closed thermodynamic cycles. They convert the energy  of a fluid stream into the mechanical energy of a rotating shaft, or vice versa, either through compression or expansion. In this process, the fluid stream can be either incompressible (e.g. liquid) or compressible (gaseous).

The common components of a turbomachine are fans, blowers, compressors, turbines and steam turbines. All of these components can be used in various combinations (e.g. single-stage or multistage configurations), as well as in a range of end-use applications (e.g. gas compressors, stationary power generation, waste heat recovery, drive motors, mobile internal combustion engines etc.).

AVL SCHRICK focuses on the customised development of turbomachines. The multidisciplinary development process includes complete thermodynamic design, conceptual and detailed design, structural-mechanical and fluid-mechanical analysis using state-of-the-art CAE tools, optimisation, manufacturing, design validation and benchmarking. For our development projects, we use the most advanced standard and in-house-developed tools. You will profit from our decades of experience in automotive engineering. 

We develop radial-, mixed- and axial-flow compressors and turbines in both single-stage and multistage configurations. Our products can be used with most common bearing types, such as rolling-element, hydrodynamic, aerodynamic, hydrostatic, aerostatic, active magnetic and passive magnetic bearings. External energy converters, such as electric motors and transmissions, can also be developed within the AVL Group.

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